What Is Your Website Doing?

Many companies setup a website without knowing what a website can actually do. We’re told we need it and that everyone has one. We might even think - if we don't have a website - we're not really in business.

Meanwhile, 93% of ALL websites only generate a bill at the end of every year.

9 Things EVERY Profitable Website Should Do

Whenever I start a new project, build a new website, or advise a new client, I look for unique opportunities to help my clients stand out, develop an audience, and eventually profit from their company’s online efforts. They're not always obvious.


#1 Making an Impactful First Impression

When someone lands on your company website, they should immediately understand where they are, and why they came. If you have a particular style that helps you stand out, your company website should mirror it as well. If there is one particular action (or set of actions) you want a visitor to take, it should also be evident within the first few moments of landing on your page.

#2 Attract The Right Audience

One of the first rules in business is that we can’t serve everyone (even if we secretly want to). Our services and the way we provide them may only – truly – serve a fraction of the total market. When we TRY to serve everyone, we’re actually doing everyone a great disservice; including ourselves.

#3 Improve Communication

A company website – at its core – is a communication device. It can tell your story, share your thoughts, and provide a ton of value, but communication goes both ways. Is the website actually speaking to them directly? Have you made it easy for visitors to actually speak? Is there a conversation they can join?

#4 Relevant Valuable Content

It can be tough to give away free information. It may seem counter-intuitive to give away “trade secrets”. However, value is fairly subjective and (most) of your audience will gladly pay for a service if they think you’re serving their best interests. Are you willing to at least cover the basics or offer a simple guide to help them out with the little things?

#5 Share Your Unique Story

What should we know about you and your business? How personal can we be? If we do the most business with the people we know, putting yourself out there becomes the first priority. What can we share about ourselves without filtering out our character at the same time?

#6 Answer Common Questions

If you’ve ever caught yourself answering the same questions over and over, here’s an opportunity to add some more of the value we’ve been talking about. Answering the frequent and repetitive questions up front saves you both time and bring you closer. What kinds of questions could be answered with a blog post or a simple info-graphic?

#7 Solving Common Problems

With experience and wisdom come the innate ability to see and solve problems before they begin. Chances are you know a handful of tricks that will save both time and money for your clients and those are the things that should be shared on a website and social media. You never know when saving your clients $5 or $50 will earn their respect for a lifetime.

#9 Create an Active Community

An audience or active community is an incredibly valuable asset to any business. Your company doesn’t need to be in the entertainment industry or have a membership business model to foster and grow an active community. All they need is to have in common is YOU.

Ready to start using your website instead of just paying for it?